Caleb Boyer #17 with a layout clap catch save.

Nathan Layton #45 diving one handed grab.

Nathan Layton #45 with a two handed bid.

Brennan Kramling #5 with a layout D attempt on Edina.

Tim Chango #14 with a bid attempt on defense against Edina.

Jae Lee #9 throwing a forehand on an undercut.

Casey Thornton #18 unleashing a backhand huck against Edina.

Cal Nightingale #2 throwing a forehand strike cut.

Jae Lee #9 with a leaping clap catch.

Tim Chango #14 skying an Edina player.

Michael Shriver #11 climbing the ladder over a group of Edina players.

Casey Thornton #18 with a one hand grab to secure the disc.

The boys linking arms during a timeout.

The whole team in a huddle before our first game.